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A Weekend in the Paradise of Alibaug @ Ccaza Ccomodore!

Monsoons had arrived in Mumbai and there was no better way to enjoy it than to spend some quality time in nature’s retreat. We had this opportunity to spend a lovely weekend in the Best-Kept Secret of Alibaug @ Ccaza Ccomodore – Mhatrephata and Amore. Ccaza Ccomodore is a boutique luxury property in Alibaug. It is tucked away in the greenery of Alibaug and guests can expect complete peace and tranquility here. In this blog post, we shall be writing about our experiences in these boutique villas and share few pics which will entice you to book your next trip there!

There are many options for reaching Alibaug. They vary depending on the season you choose to visit.

1.Ferry from Gateway of India – Best option to reach Alibaug (Closed from last week of May till September end due to monsoons). It takes an hour by ferry to reach Alibaug.

2.Private Vehicle – You can directly reach Alibaug in your car. It takes around 3-4 hours by road if there is no traffic.

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3.Public Transport – You can take a bus directly to Alibaug from Mumbai OR choose to go by train till Panvel, then take a bus to Alibaug. This option is the cheapest and takes around 4 hours to reach Alibaug.

Ccaza Ccomodore, Mhatrephata:

This boutique villa is situated in Mhatrephata and it was easy to find it by way of Google Maps. It is a well-known property and conveniently located just 8 minutes from the Mandwa Jetty. When you enter the property, there is a long pathway to the main villa, covered with a colorful pop of flowers blooming on each side. It was so refreshing to be greeted by so much greenery everywhere, and was a delightful treat to our eyes!

We were welcomed by Naina, who is the main lady taking care of the entire property. She is a lady in her 60s and very active for her age. She and Akshata (the manager of the villa) heartily invited us and led us to our room which was on the top floor of the villa, overlooking the garden and swimming pool area. We were served welcome drinks on our arrival and some fresh water bottles by Naina. An awesome start of our weekend trip. 🙂

Our room was very spacious with a big king-size bed, and it was well-decorated with wall art and some lovely paintings. It had a big balcony attached to it which was well equipped with a wooden sofa, cushions and a rocking chair. It was adorned with a variety of plants and we could see the swimming pool from our balcony. The bathroom was large and had separate sections for bath and toilet. Luxury in its truest sense oozed out from every corner of the property. We checked out our room for a while before going to the dining area for lunch.

Our room with the attached balcony overlooking the pool and garden area. You can see the sofa, rocking chair and plants in the balcony too. So relaxing & soothing! Loved the paintings and wall art in our room

The menu consists of Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese dishes which can be customized as per the needs of the guests. We had a sumptuous North-Indian lunch consisting of Paneer Malai Kebab for Starter, Lachha Paratha, Paneer Makhanwala, Dal Fry, Fried Rice and Green Salad for Main Course, and Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream for Dessert. Oh, we can’t even explain how delicious the entire meal was! We were thoroughly impressed by the freshness, quality, and presentation of the food. The portion size was also large and we ate to our heart’s content. We were served by Naina and Pratiksha and our needs were well taken care of during the entire course of the meal.

The dining area was big consisting of 2 dining tables and an adjacent small kitchen for preparing tea etc. There is a big central kitchen for cooking all the delectable meals. We took a tour of the kitchen as well and were highly impressed with its cleanliness and well-stocked food items. There was a small flight of steps which led us down to the seating area of the property and a huge garden outside it. We were awestruck by the beauty of the well-maintained garden. We shall leave you with few pics of the beautiful garden which speaks volumes in itself.

After lunch, we relaxed in our room for a while before going down to take a tour of the property. In the evening, we were served hot masala tea with biscuits and we chatted with Naina for some time before taking a tour of the villa. It was a peaceful walk in nature and we could see so many stars in the sky!

There are 6 designer bedrooms in the villa, a garden area, swimming pool, dining area, walking area, and staff quarters. You can book the entire villa or just a room for experiencing the warm hospitality of an elegantly designed home away from home. Mr. Nitin Mongia, an Arjuna Award winner and the owner of this boutique property has an aesthetic taste and it clearly reflects everywhere in Ccaza Ccomodore.

Our dinner order was taken by Akshata in the evening and we opted to have our dinner in the room. We had an Italian dinner consisting of Thin Crust Coal Fried Pesto Corn Feta & Sundried Tomato Pizza and Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Grilled Veggies Pasta. The mouth-watering taste is still lingering in our mouth. You have to taste it to believe it!

We retired for the day and had a relaxing sleep after a long day. We woke up to the chirping of birds in the morning and were looking forward to having a dip in the spotlessly clean swimming pool. We opted for vegetable upma, poha, masala tea, toast and chocolate milkshake for breakfast. It was served within minutes and we were so happy with the impeccable service of Naina, Akshata, Pratiksha, and Vishal. We expressed our desire to meet the cook who was preparing such appetizing meals for us since the time we checked in. Our request was immediately attended to, and we met “the man” behind all the good-looking delicious meals. We chatted with him for a while and appreciated his cooking skills. He was a polite gentleman who accepted our compliments shyly.

It was raining heavily and we opted to relax in our balcony for a while till the rain subsided. After a while, Deepak wore his trunk and went to the swimming pool for an enjoyable pool session. He swam to his heart’s content and showed me some new underwater tactics that he had learned in his swimming classes, while I happily clicked his pics. 

After a wonderful swimming session, it was time to relax for a while before having our lunch which we had already ordered. We had planned to visit Ccaza Ccomodore, Amore after that and leave for Mumbai by evening. Lunch was, as usual, a scrumptious platter of Dal Makhni, Rice, Roti, Palak Paneer & Watermelon & Rocket Salad. We were full to the brim after the mouth-watering lunch and relaxed for some time before going to Amore. 

Ccaza Ccomodore, Amore:

Ccaza Ccomodore, Amore is situated just 15 mins from Ccaza Ccomodore, Mhatrephata, and Naina was kind enough to call an auto rickshaw for us which would drop us till Amore. We bid farewell to Naina, Akshata, and Pratiksha and left for Amore with our day backpacks which we were carrying for this trip. 

Amore is located just 50 meters from the Alibaug beach. We loved the location of the villa which provides complete privacy and serenity, being so closely located to the seashore. The villa is stunning with it’s extremely inviting swimming pool covered by a canopy of trees. Swapnil and the other caretakers welcomed us with a smiling face and made sure we were made comfortable instantly. Swapnil took us on a tour of the property and we were hugely impressed by its attractive decor and exquisite interiors. The property has 5 fully furnished designer bedrooms that are fully equipped with everything you will ever need. Each bedroom has a differently themed bathroom that definitely adds to its charm. It also has a huge living room that is great for a big group to chill out and relax. The decor of the whole property is extremely tasteful. The paintings, wooden sofas, and chandeliers enhance the overall experience of staying here. We were served evening tea and biscuits, and soon after it was time for us to bid goodbye to everyone and leave for Mumbai. 🙂

Ccaza Ccomodore is a home away from home. We thoroughly enjoyed our peaceful stay here. It’s great for spending a relaxing weekend with your family and friends. Perfect for private parties, celebrations, group outings and weekend getaways. It’s truly a value for money and every penny spent is worth for a holiday like this!

How To Book?

You can book Ccaza Ccomodore by visiting their website or emailing Mr. Nitin Mongia at ccazaccomodore@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Deepak and I were guests to the lovely people at Ccaza Ccomodore – Mhatrephata and Amore. We are happy to honestly and proudly recommend this quintessential luxury boutique villa to all readers. All thoughts, opinions, photographs are entirely our own, as always.

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